Domina Sidney
Sissie Training

Sissie Training

Sissie training! Life the woman in you and show me the whore that you really are!

Rightly styled by me and the acceptance of a catwalk test run, nothing stands in the way of a stroll through town or a visit to the café. If you are unsure, I’ll just sell you on the street, all whores look the same, you don’t have to worry about that, it’s very quick. Every now and then I also have a slave who rides the whore properly when the mistress doesn’t take the helm herself and prepares the sissie for her area of ​​work with the strap-on dildo or her big fist. But rewards are also used if the whore behaves well with the mistress, e.g. to an SM game or to a guest of the mistress and serve there.

In the dungeon we have a big selection of clothe and shoes in different sizes and different fetishes where the Mistress makes you very pretty!

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