Domina Sidney


Dominatrix Sidney Latex

I am a experienced Dominatrix wich educates you with consistency and passion! Slaves, fetish lovers, sissies, beginners and gourmets are used by me, sometimes playfull, sometimes strict and passionate if you are worth it. With a calm smile i recommend your place! You must serve me with respect as i do not appreciate repeating until you have proven be a resilient slave. Fetishists are rendered numb by there corresponding thirst for material. When the Mistress introduces herself to them, the c*k get hard and their brain stops!

Bdsm begins in the head and ends there because everything physical and emotional is controlled from there. I activate you in your subconscious so that you correspond to the result I want.



These are all european sizes! As im a german Mistress! Your can convert the dimensions yourself.

For clothe: Height: 169cm, 53Kg, Chest: 94 cm, Waist: 76cm, Hips: 84cm,

For masks; Head circumference: 53cm, Neck circumference: 33cm

For Shoes/Boots: 40 European Size!

You ll find my likes under “Gifts”

Cryptocurrency accepted!!!

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